KS-MCII-Serie - LED-Helmleuchte mit 2 und 3 Schaltstufen-ALT


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  • KS-7620-MC2
MC becomes MCII series Test new edition of our proven explosion-proof helmet lights of the... mehr
Produktinformationen "KS-MCII-Serie - LED-Helmleuchte mit 2 und 3 Schaltstufen-ALT"

MC becomes MCII series

Test new edition of our proven explosion-proof helmet lights of the MC series belong to the most compact cap lamps on the market. With a weight of only 145 grams, combined with a maximum light output of 230 lumens, the lamps can be used for many different industrial applications. With our new combined certification for Zone 0(1G), M1 and H2, the luminaire can be used in almost any potentially explosive atmosphere.
Charging works as usual via the M-System charging cradle, into which the cap lamp is simply and uncomplicatedly inserted.
The lamps are available in two versions, which differ in operating modes and lighting duration. In the following tables, the differences are explained once again using technical details. 
Should you nevertheless require help with your selection, our customer service is looking forward to your call.

All KSE-LIGHTS helmet lights can be worn with different adapter systems on different helmet types as well as directly on the head with the help of a headband.


  • army
  • railway
  • mining
  • visitor mines
  • lignite surface mining
  • firebrigades / emergency service
  • mine rescue forces
  • industry
  • civil protection


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  technical data   Name KS-MCII series... mehr
technical data  
Name KS-MCII series
Power supply Lithium battery 3,7 V - 3,4 Ah
Charging time < 9 hours
Charger output DC 5,2 V; < 600 mA
Weight 145 g
Working temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
lifetime of accumulator* > 80% capacity after 500 cycles
Warranty* 2 years
Protection grade IP67
light duration emerg. light ≥ 30 hours
light duration main light ≥ 14 hours
light duration intense light ≥ 6 hours
illuminance emerg. light** ≥ 1500 Lux   **measured in 1m distance

illuminance worklight** ≥ 5500 Lux    **measured in 1m distance

illuminance intense light** ≥ 10000 Lux    **measured in 1m distance

 *warranty terms of KSE-LIGHTS GmbH! Charger not included, external purchase!


model permission
KS-7620/30- IX 2000px-EX-logo-svg II 1 G Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga
  2000px-EX-logo-svg M1 Ex ia op is I/II (H2) - EN60079-35
    -20°C < Ta<50°C (+60@T2)
KS-MC series: Helmet light without charging unit Suitable loading units:... mehr
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